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The Most Interesting Product At The Apple Event
Sep 18, 2017
2 minutes read

Apple iPhoneX

It redefines how we interact with technology. Moving us ahead in capability. The software still has some catching up to do and use cases still left to be discovered.

But it’s here.

An Apple Watch with a cellular connection.

Honestly what were you expecting, iPhoneX? Ohhh what a lovely OLED you have, and the phone body is a bit smaller. I don’t care how great you are iPhone, because I’m walking out of the house without you. I’m leaving you stuffed in my bag until I’m unable to do some mobile task without a screen, and even then I’ll probably use the totally amazing, multi-tasking ready, full work station in a slim and easy to use design aka iPad Pro.

Back to the watch…

And you know what, this isn’t even about the watch. It’s about AirPods and Siri and how much of a weirdo you’re going to be when you start talking to yourself all day.

Now that the phone has been made non-essential, how will our behaviours change? When will it be acceptable to talk to someone with your headphones on? “It’s ok, I can hear you, this has audio passthrough!”. Hell, some earbuds now have features that help you hear conversations better. When will you be able to address Siri or Alexa in a conversation as seamlessly as you address others in the group? Or will it be some other yet unknown interaction method?

From the movie 'Her' I hope you liked this scene, because you’re going to be seeing it a lot more from now on.

Ambient computing, the next frontier. Or maybe it’s ubiquitous computing. Or… pervasive computing? How is this next wave of tech going to break existing societal conventions? Just like 20 years ago having a group of friends spending their time together, heads down, staring at black rectangles would have been unthinkable, what today do we consider ill-mannered or unseemly that will become the norm before our eyes?

To me the significance of the cellular Apple Watch is that it’s a step towards the relegation of the phone, and therefore towards a new way we’ll have to interact with technology.

Career tip: If you’re up for it I think having the ability to solve these new problems will be quite valuable.

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